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Biggest Beauty Trends of 2023

Biggest Beauty Trends of 2023

  1. n full-coverage foundations. This is great for those who aren’t into heavy makeup or makeup.
  2. Bold, Blurred Blush. Textures will continue to be uber-creamy and blendable with the new edition of blurring formulas that make pores disappear.
  3. Pop on the Pout. We will see more rich reds, browns, berries, and mauve lipstick shades by adding lip liner that is a shade or two more profound than the actual lipstick color. Another pouty trend is lip liner being used instead of lipstick altogether.
  4. Brows are getting a makeover. Thinly plucked eyebrows are back on the horizon.
  5. The “Cat Eye” resurgence is back. The look is achieved by applying a double wing liner, faux lower lashes, and feline inner corners. If that doesn’t make your eyes pop enough, add chrome, metallic, or sheer eye shadow for a pop of color.
  6. Edgy/Grunge glam is making its rounds. For some, it’s a deep lip. For others, it’s a grungier everyday makeup look. We will see more plum stains, burgundy lip creams, and dark brown glosses.
  7. Polished nails with a focus on great manicures. For my girls who like nail extensions, you will be happy to know that airbrushed, chrome, 3D, and bold outlines and accents are still trendy.

This research was a fun little treat for me. Health and wellness do not have to be a harsh, boring routine. Self-care is definitely on the upper scale of maintaining a soft life. Makeup should be used to enhance, not cover up, a poor skin care regimen.
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