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Four Benefits of Spiritual Wellness

Four Benefits of Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness is the connection between yourself and God, the Higher Power. This connection results in the creation of an inner compass that directs one’s choices, decisions, morals and values. Wellness is the state of being healthy and often associated with physical wellness, exercising to be healthy. Wellness is multifaceted and one of the most important aspects is spirituality and one’s ability to connect outside of themself. Discover Your Purpose 

When you embark on a journey to discover your purpose in your life, you must turn inward toward self. This self reflection results in a discovery of the Lord who resides in you. It is here that you begin to understand your place in the world and why you were created. 


Take the time during your day to pray and be still. Prayer and quiet time allows you to process your thoughts and come into a place of calmness and awareness of self in the midst of chaos.. While the world around you is whirling, you will recognize your emotions with the ability to process and separate these emotions from the outside world. There is a level of assurance that no matter how things appear, everything will work out as they are meant to. In addition, you will learn to respond to your environment rather than react. 

Joy and Happiness 

Life is stressful and has many ups and downs. As we roll along with life our emotions fluctuate according to what is currently happening in life. Happiness is fleeting and is a temporary emotion that we feel in the moment. It feels great and places a smile on our faces, but it doesn’t last. Joy is a feeling of contentment and fullness inside of you, a feeling of well-being. Like peace, joy is present even during the hard and difficult times in life. Having gratitude and a consistent prayer life aids in finding joy even when times are hard. Gratitude and prayer do not eliminate problems, but they both provide an ease to navigating daily life struggles. 

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A connection with the Lord helps one to become more like Him. Kindness towards others, which include people who are not your friends, is gratifying. People act according to what they have been through in their life. It isn’t personal, it is separate from you. In the moment, it is difficult to understand that and it does not excuse bad behavior, but you can control yourself and how you respond to others, rather than attempting to control the situation . A relationship with The Lord produces a spiritual wellness of purpose, peace, joy, happiness and kindness. It is essential for well-being, because it is an important key to walking through the journey of life.

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