Grandparents Day: The Wellness of Memories

Portrait Of Grandparents Sitting With Baby Granddaughter Around Table At Home

If there is one lesson in life that we all learn it is that history repeats time after time. From trends in fashion, food favorites, advocacy, communicable disease, and authenticity, grandparents often have a perspective that aligns with determination and success. Although challenges may differ with each generation, the ability to overcome and how to discover solace and support can be learned from the back lens of our grandparents’ experiences. I am beyond grateful to have my grandma who celebrated her 97th birthday this year continue to share in family recipes, traditions, storytelling, and creating new memories with us all. Born in the early 1900’s she has seen close to a century of changes in her lifetime. From the stories and experiences also passed down by her grandparents it is without stating, that memory lane was marked by progression and perseverance. In the moments of reflection, it allows for appreciation and gratitude not bitterness. Grandparents’ day is dedicated to celebrating the bond between grandparents and grandchildren with a full display of love, support, and promise. When we honor our elders for their commitment and devotion, we continue to strengthen the bond of both the family and community. Although many may have grandparents that live too far away to physically interact, there are other fun ways to celebrate this occasion. Here are four ways to share in this special day and connect with your loved ones: 

1. Create a photobook combining old and new pictures for a keepsake 

2. Journal a list of favorite grandparent quotes shared by each family member 

3. Have the entire family participate in a special video call; preset the agenda with games that bring back fond memories for your grandparents 

4. If you live in proximity spend quality time doing their favorite hobby

Grandparents have so much wisdom to pass down and we should take the time to listen. Their life expertise can provide a guide for how we navigate and survive. In this article I interviewed a few elders in the local community and all simultaneously stated that despite any of their trials the greatest highlight was witnessing our first African American President and the first female Vice President take the oath of office and make it to the White House. As we transition through the stages of life sharing in both the good and bad experiences, I leave you with my favorite quote shared by my best friend and lady called grandma, “Just wait and see what the end will be, stay focused and walk with your head high, you’re going to make it through to the end!”

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