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Habits That Keep Your Lungs Healthy

Habits That Keep Your Lungs Healthy

Prevention is better than cure. During these Covid-19 times, the best defense is to take a proactive role in maintaining healthy habits that protect your respiratory system. As the world adjusts, it’s crucial to stay at home and work safely whenever possible but also to keep your lungs healthy and the respiratory system in peak health to fight off infection or illness better. In part due to popular health and wellness information we encounter every day, when you think about health, what comes to mind is foods for maintaining a healthy weight or exercising. But there’s more than just physical wellbeing at play here; our respiratory system has claimed its own space in this discussion too! We know that the virus that causes Covid 19 SARS-Cov-2 affects the lungs by obstructing the air pathway with thick mucus. For treatment to kick in, this pathway needs to unblock. Maintaining healthy and strong lungs is vital in fighting off infection. On that note, these are actions you can take to optimize your respiratory system for healthy lungs:


Although not so obvious, drinking water is vital for lung health. When you drink enough water and stay hydrated, it helps lubricate your lungs which deal with irritants and thins out mucus in the lining.

Eat Foods That Promote Lung Health

 Like other organs of your body, what you take in has a bearing on the health of your lungs. In this case, ensure you take foods that promote lung health by reducing inflammation in the airways. These are vitaminrich and antioxidants, such as vegetables and omega-3 nutrient foods- salmon, green tea, oranges, raw seeds, broccoli, and pumpkin.

If You Haven’t Already, Quit Smoking 

We know that cigarettes are detrimental to lung health but what is little known is that inhaling cigarette smoke also causes inflammation in your lungs. Stay clear of cigars, cigarettes, marijuana, and vaping

Clean Air in Your Home

 Pollutants and allergens also cause irritation and inflammation to the lungs. While external sources of pollution cannot be avoided, they can certainly be minimized. 

• Avoid exposure to harsh cleaning products 

• Run fans in the home to force moisture and fumes out 

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• Open windows to allow in fresh air and ventilation

Don’t Forget Hygiene 

Washing your hands has been the pandemic mantra, but overall, cleanliness is paramount to living a healthy lifestyle. In addition to frequently washing your hands, you need to maintain oral health. Clean your teeth, tongue, and floss to prevent plague and other infections, as these have the potential to travel down your lungs, compromising them.

So, what can you do to keep your lungs healthy? 

Plenty. All of the habits mentioned above are things you can start today. If you want more information about Covid-19 and your health, visit our blog at Stay healthy and happy!

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