How Nonconforming Individuals Are Challenging Standards of Beauty

Society often defines beauty as physical attributes that conform to specific standards. These standards are influenced by race, gender, age, class, and media. However, only some people fit into these narrow and rigid categories. Some people choose to express themselves in ways that defy the expectations and stereotypes of their identity.
Beauty is a subjective and personal concept that varies from person to person and from culture to culture. It is not a fixed or objective reality but a perception and an expression. Many factors, such as emotions, values, preferences, experiences, and contexts, can influence beauty.
Nonconforming individuals are those who do not adhere to the traditional or dominant norms of their social group. They may identify as LGBTQ+, have a disability, practice a different religion, or have a distinctive style or appearance. They may face discrimination, prejudice, or harassment for being different from the majority. However, they also have the courage, resilience, and creativity to embrace their identity and challenge the status quo.
Nonconforming individuals show that beauty is not limited to one type or form but a spectrum of possibilities. They are inspiring others to be themselves and to appreciate the beauty in themselves and others. They also raise awareness and advocate for social justice and equality for marginalized groups. From Jari Jones, a black transgender Vogue cover model, to Billy Porter, a black Emmy award-winning singer/actor famous for his gender-fluid flamboyant outfits, these individuals are redefining the standard of beauty. They are not only making a difference in their respective fields but also in society at large. They prove that beauty is not a fixed or objective concept but rather a subjective and personal one. They are encouraging us to rethink our assumptions and biases about beauty and to celebrate diversity and inclusion. Because, in the end, we are all beautiful no matter how we choose to express ourselves.


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Shannon Whittington