Kindness is Wellness

Research has shown that acts of kindness alter chemical reactions within our brain to create feelings of euphoria. A decrease in blood pressure and the stress hormone cortisol has also been noted. So, not only are acts of kindness beneficial to the person receiving the gesture, but there is also great benefit to the one doing the giving. Balanced and intentional generosity is healing for everyone, bringing many physiological, emotional, and social wellbeing benefits.

Random acts of kindness among strangers are celebrated and encouraged. However, often doing something that is completely about making yourself happy may be met with judgement from others. And often we feel guilt without the influence of other people’s opinions. I would like to encourage us to consider a mindset shift. Doing things which help us become the very best version of ourselves is the greatest gift that we can give to others. Meditation is recognized in traditional western medicine as a type of mind-body complementary medicine. And although it often causes heated debates among believers, meditation is a foundation principal of the Christian faith. There are references and instructions about meditating throughout the Bible, starting in Genesis. One widely accepted meaning of meditation among biblical scholars is to mutter or speak quietly. Incorporation of a practice of Loving Kindness Meditation into our daily routines can heal the world, starting with ourselves.

Meditation Activity: 

Find a place where you feel the most safe and comfortable. This could be sitting in a chair, sitting on the floor, or even resting in your bed. Close your eyes and notices your breath, focusing on each inhale and exhale, bringing your body and mind into an in sync relaxed state. Repeat this positive phrase to yourself three times, with the number 3 being representative of creation, manifestation, and abundance: I Am Happy ~ I Am Well ~ I Am Loved May We All Be Happy ~ May We All Be Well ~ May We All Be Loved

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