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Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor

January 2023-  Letter from The Editor

By Michelle Greene Rhodes, MHS, RN

Welcome to Color of Wellness! We are BEYOND happy you are here!

We are excited about having you as a member of our community, and in celebration of our third year in publication, we have some exciting expansion projects for you all.

Color of Wellness is a platform that provides health and wellness education for vulnerable populations, along with business opportunities to African Americans nurses and health practitioners. Our goal is to assist our members in achieving their visibility goals via advertising. 

Our flagship e-magazine will be available digitally our magazine monthly. We have officially “gone green” and moved to print on demand (bulk orders).  We also offer an ALL NEW podcast beginning April 2023, our very own app designed to engage your patients in a vibrant discussion around health disparities, total wellbeing, and 30 day wellness challenges.

As we continue to grow we will provide new tools for your personal growth and for promoting health equity across the African American community.

Our mission is to promote healthy living through advocacy and education. Learn more about us here: for magazine   or for event updates.

Here is a sneak peak of our January issue:

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  • 30-day walking challenge  

We are excited to announce our TOTAL WELLBEING TOUR:  HEALTHCARE LUNCHEON. Please join us via the newsletter for dates and save the dates.  Philly, Orlando, Denver, and DMV stay tuned!  We are headed your way.   Come and join us for a day of self-care, empowerment, and recognition of our healthcare heroes that will improve your outlook in healthcare in 2023.

Lastly, we are excited to launch our brand new DIGITAL MEDIA CERTIFICATION FOR NURSES.  The only program that will teach how to prepare Nurses for digital media opportunities, increase confidence in writing, audio, and video outlet, not to mention how to leverage income in all of these arenas plus live event monetization.  Find more information at and get on the waiting list at

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