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Letter from the Editor – March 2023

Letter from the Editor – March 2023

Hello Wellness Family!

Thanks so much for subscribing to The Color of Wellness. We’re so happy to have you onboard.

We’re celebrating Women’s History Month this March, and we wanted to send you a special message as part of our celebration. But first, let me just say how happy I am that you’re here with us.

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I really appreciate our subscribers because they help us share the best of what we do at The Color of Wellness, and that includes sharing information about colon cancer awareness and prevention, educating women on their health care options and empowering them to take control of their lives by knowing what their providers are doing for them. And now that spring has officially sprung (at least in some parts of the world), we want everyone to be able to enjoy the warm weather as much as possible! Be sure to drink your water!
In case you missed it last week, we published an article called “5 Things to Ask Your Provider at Your Next Visit.” It’s about taking charge of your own health care decisions and asking questions about what is going on with your body during a visit with your provider.
We hope this inspires you to go for the gusto in your health!
Last but certainly not least, you saw our cover. Yes, you saw it! Our first nonblack nurse, who is helping us pave the way in health equity discussions. Let’s discuss how to find and the importance of allyship in our community when it comes to advocacy in the healthcare C-suite!
This spring is also a great time for allyship when it comes to racism and advocacy in the healthcare industry. If you haven’t already done so, consider taking this opportunity to act against discrimination in healthcare settings. It doesn’t have to be hard: just share articles like these with friends and family members who work in healthcare, too! Which healthcare leader can you share this article with?
This is one of the reasons why we need more white allies—people who can speak up on behalf of minorities to help them get their voices heard. You may not think that what happens on your floor at work affects anyone outside of your unit, but it does! Advocacy helps ensure that patients feel safe and comfortable enough to get the best care possible without worrying about being mistreated for being different from their providers. By standing up for those who don’t have a voice—whether it’s a patient or someone else—our allies help make sure that everyone gets seen as an equal member of society instead of being treated like an outsider simply because of their race or ethnicity.”
Lastly, we also have some exciting news: our subscription rates have been updated! As always, we’d love for you to subscribe so that we can continue providing quality content for free. And if you’re interested in becoming a sponsor or donor? We’d love that too! For those of you who purchase an annual subscription, will be gifted one free 20 minute consultation with a Wellness Coach in our network.
Don’t be shy, get back on the wellness track and make 2023 the greatest thus far!

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