The Dangers of Poor Water Intake6 Possible Signs That You Are Not Drinking Enough Water

Did you know that there is more water than land on the earth? Did you also know that most of your body consists of water? Did you know that the blood, the most essential part of your body, is mainly made of water? Water is the most vital nutrient the body needs to survive. Water… Continue reading The Dangers of Poor Water Intake6 Possible Signs That You Are Not Drinking Enough Water

Swimming for Wellness and Fitness Benefits

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Swimming is an excellent form of physical activity with numerous benefits for your physical and mental health. It is a full-body workout that engages all your major muscle groups and can help you improve your strength, endurance, and cardiovascular health. Additionally, swimming can help improve your overall fitness, help you lose weight, and even reduce… Continue reading Swimming for Wellness and Fitness Benefits

Choosing a Provider: An Exercise in Trust

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Choosing a provider is a critical aspect of achieving excellent health. If you do not trust the physician you see, you will not share vital information that could affect your provider’s diagnosis or care. You could see several types of providers, but the most important to your ongoing health is your primary care provider. Primary… Continue reading Choosing a Provider: An Exercise in Trust

Clean water for a well-nourished life

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Earth is 70% water, the human body is 60% water – both fun facts are invariably true, except today there are more people on the planet striving to access this basic need: water. What changed? Well, the climate is different (i.e., less precipitation in some regions, and excessive rainfall in others); and then there’s the… Continue reading Clean water for a well-nourished life

Letter from The Editor – July 2023

Dear Readers, As we welcome the lush and lively month of August, it brings me immense pleasure to share with you the many enriching topics we have chosen to explore at The Color of Wellness. Each month, we strive to discuss subjects that affect our wellness as a community, shedding light on facts, debunking myths,… Continue reading Letter from The Editor – July 2023

What Black Women Need to Know about Infertility

Infertility Commonly misunderstood and rarely spoken about, infertility is characterized by failing to get pregnant after 12 months of trying (meaning regular and unprotected sexual intercourse). According to the CDC, approximately 12% of women aged 15 to 44 have difficulty getting pregnant or carrying a pregnancy to term. Among married women in the U.S. between… Continue reading What Black Women Need to Know about Infertility

The Benefits of Fasting

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Fasting is commonly used as the world becomes increasingly aware of individual health and wellness. Fasting is to abstain from eating and sometimes drinking for various results and reasons, all of which is to seek beneficial outcomes. Different types of fasting exist. Regular fasting, or Breakfast, is the first meal of the day, proceeding a… Continue reading The Benefits of Fasting

Fertility Health Boosters

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When getting pregnant is more challenging than planned, people often search for answers to understand better what they can do to increase their chances of conceiving. What Is Fertility? To begin, “Fertility is often defined as the ability to reproduce or produce offspring,” says Amy Roskin, M.D., board-certified OB-GYN and chief medical officer of Seven… Continue reading Fertility Health Boosters

How to find a Culturally Sensitive PCP

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Before I begin addressing how to find a PCP or primary care physician, let’s talk about what a primary care physician is and why having one is crucial. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, a primary care physician is a specialist in family medicine, general internal medicine, or general pediatrics who provides definitive… Continue reading How to find a Culturally Sensitive PCP

Top 5 Reasons for Hair Loss

Hair loss can be very impactful in the life of an individual. It can contribute to a lack of self-confidence or loss of dignity. Furthermore, it can cause increased distress, especially when the individual does not understand why they are losing their hair. This vital subject is mentioned in the Bible, referring to a woman’s… Continue reading Top 5 Reasons for Hair Loss