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The Benefit of Avoiding Sugar: The Hidden Addiction

The Benefit of Avoiding Sugar: The Hidden Addiction

Want to drop weight? Drop the sugar and watch the pounds melt away. The first few days without sugar can be difficult, as you may feel sluggish and have high sugar cravings. But once you get through the first week without sugar, it becomes easier and easier. And your clothes will get loser and loser. In this fast-paced world of today, sugar has become a part of our everyday lives, masquerading as a harmless treat while subtly destroying our overall health. This seemingly innocent pleasure can have severe repercussions for communities of color, impacting their physical and mental welfare.

Sugar craving is a hidden addiction that significantly impacts communities of color. It is not merely a hunger. In Black and Brown communities, studies have shown a direct correlation between high sugar intake and increased rates of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

Holistic wellbeing includes mental, emotional, and social wellness in addition to physical health. Overindulgence in sugar frequently results in low mood, energy spikes and crashes, and elevated stress levels that affect mental and emotional equilibrium, two critical elements of overall wellness. Education and self-awareness are the first steps towards overcoming a sugar addiction. Knowing the harmful impact sugar has on our bodies and brains empowers people to make educated dietary decisions that promote better lifestyles and overall wellbeing. A sense of empowerment can also be fostered by abstaining from sugary products, giving people back control over their health.

At the Color of Wellness, we understand the importance of overall health in communities of color. We hope that by raising awareness of sugar and other hidden addictions, members of the community will be better equipped to make decisions that will lead to improved health and well-being for everybody. Get on board with us as we pursue complete health.

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#MyJam: Immerse yourself in the legendary song “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye, which has a deep melody that speaks to the resiliency and challenges of communities of color.

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