Beautifully Clean: All Natural Cleaning for a Healthy Home

This month’s focus is on beauty and wellness, which extends into the home environment. A relaxed, clean space re-energizes and promotes health from the inside out. However, commercial cleaning products may be harming your abode. One review found Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which can be in cleaning agents, to be a primary indoor air pollutant (Maung et al., 2022). As you incorporate wellness habits, add a natural home cleaning routine that minimizes chemical exposure to you, your family, and your pets.
There’s been much discussion on indoor air quality and everyday home surface products recently. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) reviewed over 2000 common household cleaners and found that many standard products contain dangerous chemicals (EWG, n.d.). Natural cleaning products work to minimize toxic threats and make it simple and economical to beautify your home. You’ll breathe easier and keep your sanctuary looking and smelling great while also providing the following:

  • Healthier Indoor Air Quality with fewer harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances
  • Environmental Friendliness to minimize the harmful chemical release
  • Safer Spaces for Families and Pets who come into contact with cleaned surfaces
  • Reduced Allergies and Sensitivities by decreasing allergen triggers
  • Versatility and Cost-Effectiveness with essential natural, multipurpose, lower-cost ingredients
  • Reduced Chemical Exposure impacts overall better health.
  • Aromatherapy Benefits using essential oils to reduce stress and enhance mood

Getting Started Naturally

Various plant-derived cleaning sprays, disinfectants, safe detergents, natural dishwasher tablets, wood polishes, and even eco-friendly toilet paper exist.

You’ll find ethically sourced, non-toxic, and natural home cleaning products from Black-Owned companies such as Reel, Pardo Naturals, BLK+GRN, Olive Branch Wellness, and True Products, to name a few.

Want to Make Your Products?

Start with items you likely already have.

  • Vinegar: Mix equal parts vinegar and water for an all-purpose cleaner. Use on countertops and glass surfaces, wiping with a cloth.
  • Baking Soda: Sprinkle baking soda on surfaces, scrub with a damp cloth, then rinse. Great for sinks, tubs, and ovens.
  • Lemon: Combine lemon juice and water to clean and disinfect. Wipe down faucets and cutting boards.
  • Castile Soap: Mix with water for a mild dish and surface cleaner. Apply and scrub, then rinse thoroughly.
  • Essential Oils: Add a few drops to water for a fresh scent and added cleaning power. Use it as an air freshener or in homemade sprays.

With the availability of natural cleaning products on the market or a few simple ingredients, you can significantly impact your home’s health and, ultimately, the health of those who call it home. Happy and healthy cleaning!

#MyJam: Check out the EWG Guide here: Guide to Healthy Cleaning

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DeAnn Ferguson