Embracing Wholeness in Wellness: The Color of Wellness Meets Woman Evolve 23

by Michelle Greene Rhodes, MHS, RN (ret.)

Editor in Chief, The Color of Wellness Magazine and Podcast

The Color of Wellness Media, an eminent platform crafted by black nurses to champion black wellness, was recently invited to grace the WOMAN EVOLVE Conference held in Dallas, Texas from September 14th to 16th. This enriching confluence was hosted by the revered Sarah Jakes Roberts, the esteemed daughter of Bishop TD Jakes, who has now embraced the torch of spiritual enlightenment for women, passed on to her by her illustrious father. As the Editor-in-Chief of the Color of Wellness magazine, I was profoundly honored to align our media outlet with this momentous event.

The conference presented a golden opportunity to articulate wellness from a holistic vantage point encompassing spiritual, physical, emotional, and social dimensions. Our pursuit was to unfurl wellness narratives that resonate with our community’s essence and lived experiences.

The ambiance was set ablaze with spirituality as the phenomenal Naomi Raine ushered us into a realm of divine worship, wherein the palpable descent of God’s spirit was felt profoundly. Then the worship slash theme song of the weekend “On Time God,” penned by Pastor Sarah, reverberated through our beings as it echoed the relentless, timely, and unfaltering nature of God’s presence.

Engaging with the women’s panel felt like a warm embrace of wisdom, akin to heartwarming conversations with our mothers and aunties. In contrast, the men’s panel unraveled truths about women and relationships from a spiritual perspective, reminiscent of earnest discussions with brothers, cousins, fathers, and uncles. The dialogues evoked a multitude of enlightening mantras including “Take Form”, “#Become a Catalyst”, “Gather Your Stones”, and “Bring it on Home” – each beckoning a spiritual awakening and preparation for the divine battles ahead.

Dr. Anita Phillips propelled us into an expedition of self-reflection as we explored the generational imprint on our emotional responses. The profundity of the insight shared beckoned an epiphany that was both riveting and illuminating. Following this journey into the self, Dr. Brené Brown, an expert on vulnerability, imparted the poignant truth that true vulnerability unfolds where the desire for control dwindles.

The event morphed the Globe Life Stadium to a place of transformation, forcing each attendee into a chasm of introspection and emerge with a blueprint of personal evolution. Armed with invaluable books, a fortified faith, fresh connections on LinkedIn, and a bouquet of poignant insights, the journey towards self-enhancement and spiritual upliftment commenced.

The anticipation for WOMAN EVOLVE 2024 is fervent, and a heart brimming with gratitude towards Pastor Sarah and the entire congregation for orchestrating such a life-altering experience is all I carry. An event that touched the lives of 40,000 women across the globe is not just a conference, but a spiritual lift-off launching us into the next phase of our growth journey.

Among the perks of this enlightening voyage was the beautiful rendezvous with nurse friends over dinner. The mingling, networking, and wholesome girl talk ushered in a level of social wellness that was unforeseen yet profoundly needed. The Business Brunch was a tapestry of empowering narratives shared by formidable black women making monumental strides in the business realm.

The press conference with Pastor DeVon Franklin unfolded discussions on relationships, spirituality, “what’s next”, and physical wellness, the latter of which was a realm I was keenly interested in. He shared with me this simple yet profound advice to “move every day” that underscored the essence of physical discipline in nurturing holistic wellness.

Pastor Toure reiterated the invaluable nature of God’s Glory, “Glory is NOT cheap”. If the splendor of this experience was a mere fragment of God’s Glory, it was undeniably worth every dime spent, and an experience with Him that I will always cherish. The event culminated with a powerful prayer by Pastor Sarah, enveloping everyone in a divine covering, which I feel honored to hold over my head and heart.

This event will now become a yearly reservoir of spiritual rejuvenation and a hub for nurturing holistic wellness. The WOMAN EVOLVE Conference transcended the conventional boundaries of a spiritual gathering, metamorphosing into a wellspring of holistic wellness, spiritual enlightenment, and social camaraderie.

Michelle Rhodes