Elevating your life with a growth mindset

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The Robb Report is a print magazine and arguably the global leader for the luxury market, with a worldwide audience of diverse individuals who all share one key thing in common – extraordinary wealth. In fact, their parent company Penske Media Corporation affirms that their customers are among the 1 million plus CEOs and “business thought leaders in markets that impact the world” (Robb Report, 2022). Thought leaders. Because I’m a person who loves context and a really good rabbit hole, I further discovered that the average net worth of Robb Report’s print audience is $3.1 million, mostly male and 45 years old, while their digital audience’s stats only vary ever so slightly. They even have an invitation-only membership for pre-qualified individuals with ultra-high net worth. Why does all that matter?

Well, let’s first establish that I think the term ‘success’ is relative and not everyone strives for material gain, however, what could be gleaned is that every successful person has a well-developed belief in themselves, abilities, and interests. Even if they started with nothing. This is what a growth mindset embodies. There is a substantial body of research that clearly details how our mindsets impact thoughts and behaviors, positively or negatively (Tao et al., 2022; Primeau, 2021). The consistent striving for a positive well-being and development of skills also has mental health benefits including but not limited to: positive coping strategies, less substance use, and fewer reported symptoms of depression (Tao et al., 2022). Conversely, people with a fixed mindset are more likely to be stagnant. As a mental health professional, I know that if the mindset of someone can be improved, then half of life’s proverbial battles are already won. I recognize that every individual has a different starting line in life, and if you or someone you know need a boost of encouragement to start elevating in life, please consider that Dr. Joseph White, “the godfather of Black psychology”, identified seven psychological strengths of Black people: improvisation, resilience, connectedness to others, spirituality, emotional vitality, gallows of humor, and a healthy suspicion of who you know (Bethea, 2020).

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Ashley Bordenave