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Kindness is a very powerful virtue similar to love and peace. It is a force not only capable of transforming the human condition and changes the world also. 

What Does Kindness Mean? 

Kindness is everything we do to show care, concern, and love to others and ourselves, plants, and animals inclusive. A little smile, a warm embrace, a peck on the cheeks, a hug, a gift, a helping hand, or even a cup of coffee is enough to express kindness. Acts of kindness become more valuable and noticeable if given when the need is high. Various dictionary definitions describe kindness as a quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. However, there is more to kindness. 

Kindness Is More Than Being Nice 

Oftentimes people think being nice to other people is kindness. However, someone can be nice for the wrong reasons. For example, someone can carry out a nice act with ulterior motives. True kindness is selfless and sacrificial. Kindness means being nice to others and not expecting nice things in return. Kindness is an intentional and voluntary act of love and care to others irrespective of whether one stand to gain or not.

Kindness Produces Kindness 

Kindness is like a chain reaction. One act of kindness has the potential to create a ripple effect, which results in more acts of kindness. Have you ever thought about showing care and generosity to someone after they were kind to you? Alternatively, have you ever watched a show where people were been surprised with gifts beyond their wildest imagination and thought about doing the same act? This is what kindness does. Whenever acts of kindness are done, it spreads a fragrance and makes everyone want to do the same. Therefore, acts of kindness often reproduces. A tiny act of kindness has the potential to change an entire community and the world at large.

No Kindness Without Love 

You have to have a heart of love to practice the act of kindness. Love is kindness and kindness is love. The qualities of selflessness, compassion, and sacrifice are crucial to both love and kindness. Therefore, kindness has the power as much as love.

Steps to Practicing Kindness 

Here are some tips you need to practice the lifestyle of kindness: 

• Be kind to yourself 

• Charity begins at home. Show yourself some little kindness first and you’ll understand how someone else will appreciate it when you show kindness to them. 

• Love yourself 

• Self-love is a powerful force. It imbues the qualities of positivity, confidence, and peace of mind, which are requirements for spreading kindness 

• Be deliberate about showing kindness 

• Don’t just sit there and imagine it. Create a kindness checklist and plan to actualize your goal of practicing kindness 

• Cultivate the use of magic words 

• Learn to say sorry, please, and thanks. The greatest acts of kindness are communicated through words.

Kindness is a choice 

Kindness is a choice. No one was born kind. We all choose to be kind.

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