Letter From The Editor – August 2023

| August 2023: The Beauty Issue

Dear Esteemed Readers,

Beauty is a topic often touched, yet rarely encompassed. It’s a construct, fluid and ever-evolving, molded by the cultures we live in, the values we uphold, and the stories we tell. This August, we are proud to celebrate a facet of beauty that resonates deeply, shines brightly, and redefines the very standards we have known: the radiant allure of melanin-rich skin.
Our cover gracefully showcases Chinedu Okafor — not just a vibrant Executive Contributor but also an exemplary Nurse Practitioner and a passionate Health & Wellness Coach. At the core of her identity, she carries with her a deep love for Jesus, and it’s this fusion of faith, profession, and passion that allows her to be a beacon of inspiration for many. Through her lens, we dive into beauty’s depths, illuminating the nuances and intricacies of black women’s skincare and overall wellness.
While melanin graces its bearers with an inherent sunshield, it’s crucial to understand that protection against the relentless UV rays remains paramount. As we luxuriate under the summer sun, this issue shines a light on the imperativeness of sun protection, no matter the depth of one’s hue. We delve into the science behind UV rays and elucidate why sunscreens, hats, and shades are every bit as essential for those blessed with melanin.
Furthermore, skin health is an orchestra of care routines. From refreshing facials to the very fundamentals of hydration, we chart a course through practices that maintain, restore, and rejuvenate. But beauty isn’t merely skin deep. With life-saving techniques such as CPR finding a place in our discussions, we reinforce the idea that true beauty resonates with the heartbeat of care, concern, and community.
As we navigate through beauty standards for black women, we aren’t just celebrating the aesthetics. We’re acknowledging a history, a legacy, and a vibrant tapestry of tales that give color, texture, and depth to the beauty we recognize today.
Here’s to redefining beauty, celebrating melanin, and cherishing the myriad ways it graces our world.
With heartfelt warmth and admiration,

Michelle Rhodes