MEET Jennaya

What’s your full name?Jennaya Colóns
Describe your journey that led you into nursing?The world of physical therapy was a calling after experiencing personal injuries. I have been a licensed PTA for over eight years at an outpatient facility at the hospital, and I love empowering people to take control of their healing and return to living the life they love. Recently, I have also become a patient navigator in the hospital’s cancer center, assisting individuals with signing up for preventative screening, providing resources, and helping remove barriers to care such as lack of insurance, food insecurity, housing insecurity, and more. I enjoy bridging trust between my patients and the large and sometimes intimidating health system.
“What projects are you working on now? Feel free to share your goals for this year.“I am working with the Diversity and Inclusion Council and Cancer Center to develop a thriving network that puts equity at the forefront. I will be obtaining my Master of Science in Health Education and Promotion and becoming a Certified Health Education Specialist, where I will continue to learn how to build equitable health programs. My goal is to provide access and awareness to individuals, the base needed for accountability in their health journey.
“Share the proudest moment in your life up until now.“The proudest moment in my life is raising my two sons with my wonderful husband. The proudest moment in my career so far was being awarded the Rising Stars award in my community. I created a model using research and evidence to highlight how healthy equity practices benefit healthcare by improving patient outcomes and decreasing costs.
What can we look forward to next from you? What is the best way for followers to connect with you?You can continue to look forward to information surrounding holistic health for an individual including movement, diet, sleep, and more. I will also provide tips for navigating the healthcare system, saving time and money, while enriching the mind with tips to better manage the human body. The best way for followers to connect with me is through LinkedIn.
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