5 Ways to Become Better than O.K.

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You have a dream. What is it? Have you ever thought about what it means to become better than ok? Do you know how to achieve it? In this article, we’ll explore the steps that lead to greatness and how you can get there too!

Follow your inner compass.

The inner compass is a force that guides you toward what’s right for you, in every situation. It can be difficult to find and follow, but once discovered it can help us achieve great things.
The first step to finding your own inner compass is identifying what it means for one thing to be “right” or “wrong” for you. For example: Is eating kale right? Well maybe not if that’s not something that makes sense given your personal values (e.g., environmentalism). Or maybe yes! Maybe eating kale is exactly what will make me feel good about myself today (if so, go ahead!). The point here is that there isn’t necessarily any universal standard of morality–what matters most are our own personal standards; the things we believe in most strongly; those values which guide our lives from within the self rather than imposed upon us externally by others or society at large

Find balance in your life.

Balance is key to a healthy life. The more balanced you are, the better off you’ll be.
For example, if your work schedule is so busy that it leaves little time for play and family time, then perhaps it’s time to scale back on some of those obligations–but only if it helps achieve balance in other areas of life!

Surrender to the process of change.

To succeed, you need to surrender to the process of change.
Don’t resist change. Flow with it and don’t try to control the outcome.
Don’t be afraid of failure or asking for help when you need it most.

Trust your intuition.

Trust your intuition.
Listening to your inner voice is a good way to make decisions and live a better life. Trusting this voice will help you do things like:
Make better business decisions, including hiring employees who are right for the job and who share similar values with your company’s culture.
Be more aware of what’s going on around you (and within yourself). For example, if someone at work has been acting strange lately or seems like they’re up to no good, trust that feeling inside! It could save both their lives as well as yours by keeping them away from any dangerous situations that could arise from their behavior…or even just catching them lying about something small but important enough so that everyone knows what happened between those two moments in time when they were alone together somewhere else entirely separate from everyone else involved except maybe one other person who wasn’t really
paying attention either way because they were busy doing something else entirely different yet still related somehow…

Learn from failure and mistakes.

Learn from failure and mistakes.
Failure is not an end, it’s a beginning of a new journey.
Failure is not a mistake; it’s just part of the process.
When you fail at something, you learn more than when everything goes right for you in life because that teaches you nothing about yourself or how to improve yourself as a person or professional.

BONUS: Be grateful for what you have, and don’t compare yourself to others.
There are many ways to be grateful, but the most common is to simply recognize that you have something good in your life. For example, if someone asks how you’re doing and your response is “I’m not too bad,” then that’s a good start.
If someone else asks how their friend is doing and they respond with “He’s great! He just got married last weekend,” then they may feel jealous or envious of this person because they aren’t married yet. But since both responses were positive, why would one elicit jealousy while another doesn’t? The answer lies in what each person focuses on when answering those questions–they focus on themselves rather than others (or at least part of themselves).


We want to help you become the best version of yourself. We know that there are many ways to be better than O.K., and these five tips are just a few examples of how you can improve your life. If you have any other ideas about how people can become better than O.K., please share them with us!

Ashley Bordenave