Letter from the Editor

Summer is officially winding down, and with that wind-down comes a renewed focus on work and career as the kids head back to school and work gears back up again. In this issue, we’ll explore the concept of a good work ethic, and how having one can contribute to success and opportunity. Sometimes, when working for others, it can be tempting to feel like nothing about our career is under our control. It can be empowering to know that our work ethic is always up to us. If employers don’t respond to our hard work positively, we can take a strong work ethic elsewhere and thrive. Usually, however, having a strong work ethic does correlate to how well we do in our careers. If not, we have to check in and ask why not. Grandparents Day falls in September. This is a great opportunity to appreciate all the grandparents in our life, whether that means our own or our children’s grandparents. Be sure to recognize how important and special they are. If relationships are strained, try reaching out with a kind word and see if that might elicit a more positive reaction. Suicide Prevention Day also comes around in September. This is a hot topic our society today, but one we’re often silent about when it comes to the people in our circle. It can definitely be a sensitive topic to approach, but awareness is different than lecturing. Start by just keeping an ear out for suggestive comments, disengagement or depression in those around you and make yourself available as a supportive outlet, even just by leading with kindness and spreading positive vibes. You truly never know the extent to which your words can impact others – both the good and the bad – so stay mindful. We’ll go into this more in depth within this month’s issue. Feeling tired this month? Fatigue and anemia are common symptoms for those living with sickle cell disease. In this issue, we’ll cover the impact this can have on a person’s life, what can be done and how it affects our children. Those with the disease can absolutely live healthy and productive lives, but awareness is always a friend. Let’s also take some time this month to recognize the hardships brought on by alopecia. There is no known cause for this disease, though it’s suspected there could be a genetic component. We’ll get into all of it in this issue. Why does it happen? What can be done about it? And how to forge on with confidence regardless of what’s in your DNA. Finally, this month, we’ll talk about spiritual wellness. As healthy as we might be physically and mentally, we are doing ourselves a disservice if we are not prioritizing our spiritual wellness in addition to our bodily health. True, it’s not always easy to do, but it’s always worth it. We’ll hear form women who have made it a focus, which will offer some perspective on how to incorporate into our own lives. Wherever you open to this month, you’re sure to find something compelling that you can learn from. And that’s what September is all about. As the kids pack their backpacks and open their notebooks, let us learn something new this month too.

Michelle Rhodes