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Imagine a Nurse with Poor work Ethic

Imagine a Nurse with Poor work Ethic

To say that I love Nursing is an understatement. Lord knows that I wouldn’t be able to do strenuous ICU work (and travel) without passion and purpose. But is this the same as work ethic? Work ethic is a core value that all employees should have. In healthcare, it can be a matter of life or death, so it is crucial to have a professional and productive team environment. The focus of work ethic is doing the work, getting the job done without excuses and working hard! The definition of the word “work” is: “physical or mental effort or activity directed toward producing or accomplishing something”. It is imperative that we understand what might have changed over time within our teams, so as to adjust performance management techniques accordingly. Being a diligent worker is a quality that anyone who wants to be successful needs to possess. It means working extra hours, focusing on your goal, and taking pride in your work. Technology has changed the way we work, but it doesn’t mean that we can avoid being our best. 


A “hard worker” is a person who will put in the hours that are needed to accomplish a goal. An industrious worker is someone who will think beyond goals and vision. To be a diligent worker involves taking on more assignments and projects than you can handle and then seeing those through to completion. But is that really feasible in Nursing? As a stress management trainer, lets discuss the other side of the coin… are we working “too hard”? With burnout rates being at an all time high, especially within this pandemic, its time to learn a little balance. We should all strive to be the best at what we do. Teamwork and communication are also important aspects of being an industrious worker We should all strive to be the best at what we do. Good work ethic is required to do this, as a strong work ethic is one that brings out the best in people and helps them to grow personally and professionally. At their core, these are highly driven to succeed but who also understand that success is built on helping others to be successful as well. We need more of that within our teams in nursing right now. 

So what can we do? 

Begin with oneself: A person with a high work ethic consistently approaches their tasks in a diligent and conscientious manner. Do you take the “easy” way out? Are you constantly figuring out workarounds? Do you dislike change and/or technologies? 

Look at your team: Do we work with a common mission and solid vision? Are we ready to lend a helping hand? Do you volunteer to assist others if you can? So much of what we do in healthcare relies upon one another. 

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Organizationally: Do you utilize technology to help increase productivity? Do you recognize your teams for their demanding work and outstanding effort? In what ways do you listen to them and make known of changes that are coming down the pike? Is there a feeling of community? All of these things lend a hand into examining the collective results and demonstrate powerful outcomes.

In summary, we all know that can be hard to stay focused on the task at hand when so many things are trying to pull our attention away. We need goals and vision to keep us on track. When time gets hard, we all need each other at the end of the day, and knowing how to balance your ‘yes’ and ‘no’s’ so that you keep your COOL, but at the end of the day are proud of what we have accomplished for the greater good.

Work Ethic: A combination of traits that drive an individual to perform at an optimum level, despite obstacles or adversity. Work ethic is a way of life!

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