Saving Our Sistas: Addressing Women’s Health Issues Within the Black Community

Dr. Bridgette Jenkins

by Dr. Bridgette Jenkins Introduction Women’s health issues continue to be a pressing concern around the world, with millions of women facing challenges related to access to healthcare, reproductive rights, and gender-specific health conditions. In the perspective of global health, one undeniable truth persists: not all women experience health and wellness equally. Black women in… Continue reading Saving Our Sistas: Addressing Women’s Health Issues Within the Black Community


Introduction I was invited to a special screening of “Hair Tales” a chronicle of the black hair journey, presented by coproducer Oprah Winfrey. The complexities of ethnic hair are illustrated in the documentary. The documentary, which weaves together the stories of many different women with different hair textures and styles and is directed by three… Continue reading HAIR TALES : MY “OWN” EXPERIENCE

Power of Fear

Fear is an unpleasant emotion that is influenced by the state of being afraid or thinking that one is in danger. The physical manifestations of fear are displayed in a multitude of ways throughout the body and can be mild to extreme. Some of these symptoms include, headache, increased perspiration, palpitations, shortness of breath, feelings… Continue reading Power of Fear

Health Disparities Surrounding Sickle Cell Disease

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September was National Sickle Cell Awareness month. This means it was not only an important time to consider how the disease affects those who suffer with it, but more importantly, a time to consider the health disparities that exist around the condition and identify what can be done about those differences. Currently 1 in 13… Continue reading Health Disparities Surrounding Sickle Cell Disease


And there’s scientific research to back it! People who are kind and compassionate show significant reduced stress and improved emotional well-being. We often push kindness to the side in favor of stress, because we are too busy, or maybe we just aren’t paying attention. But if we take the time to be kind – to… Continue reading KINDNESS Matters

Exercise, Black Women, and Breast Cancer Awareness

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Introduction Breast cancer is an epidemic in the United States. And even though more women are surviving and living longer with the disease, it’s still one of the most deadly forms of cancer for women. In fact, breast cancer accounted for 27% of all new cancers in women in 2018 according to The American Cancer… Continue reading Exercise, Black Women, and Breast Cancer Awareness

Letter from the Editor

Summer is officially winding down, and with that wind-down comes a renewed focus on work and career as the kids head back to school and work gears back up again. In this issue, we’ll explore the concept of a good work ethic, and how having one can contribute to success and opportunity. Sometimes, when working… Continue reading Letter from the Editor