Tips For Happiness

Do what makes you happy, inspirational quote, happiness concept.

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Before we discuss some tips for happiness, we must first understand what happiness means. Different things bring different people happiness.


People also have different definitions of happiness, and researchers are yet to settle for a generally accepted framework for happiness. According to the Oxford
Learners Dictionary definition of happiness, happiness is a state and not a trait. Like any other state, happiness can change and is not permanent. The Oxford Learners Dictionary defines it as “The state of being happy.” And happy is “feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.” In other words, happiness is not bliss or thrill and is associated with fleeing pleasure or contentment. Happy can be both an internal and external occurrence because it involves feeling or showing. Now that we know happiness is a state of being where all our needs are met, what are the tips for happiness? Before we elaborate on these tips, let us talk about the eight categories of human needs which enable the state of satisfaction and contentment.


1. WELL-BEING: Your overall well-being includes your mindto-body connection. It describes the aspects of your physical body and affects your mood. Think of happiness as a gauge– If your well-being needs have been met, your happiness gauge increases. 

2. SUCCESS: Success triggers happiness. When you feel successful and have approval from other people and yourself, you feel valuable. Success is a crucial ladder to happiness.

3. RELATIONSHIPS: Humans are social species. Human beings require a sense of belonging or community to function effectively. A relationship is an essential foundation and bedrock towards happiness. 

4. ADAPTING: As humans, our ability to adapt to certain situations is important for our happiness. Some people call it elasticity, the ability to recover from some of life’s unforeseen negative occurrences.

5. ENVIRONMENT: Your environment is an external factor and can affect you negatively or positively. Environment factors may include food, weather, country, home, freedom, and even safety. The environment is part of the building blocks of happiness for most people.

6. PLEASURE: Pleasure keeps the body and mind healthy. Pleasure factors include sex, love, food, and sport. Pleasure is the oil and keeps the engine of happiness going for most people. 

7. MINDSET: Although most people don’t realize this, their mindset plays an important role in happiness in their lives. How you approach the world determines what you get out of the world. 

8. PURPOSE: Purpose is a hold of meaning. Finding meaning in life and understanding it can bring satisfaction and contentment to most people.

There is no proven method for happiness, and it differs and happens differently for different people. It is a state of pleasure, contentment, and satisfaction. We have talked about the 8 categories of human needs; different people find satisfaction or contentment in one or more of them. For some people, finding purpose is enough to bring them long-lasting happiness. For others, they may need good relationships, success, a happy environment, and overall well-being to find happiness. The sole tip for happiness is finding the category which brings you happiness. Notice your lifestyle and the things that spark happiness in you, then continue to build the best. If you notice success brings you happiness, you should strive towards it.

Dr. Sabrina Dean, DBA, R. N.