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Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers, Especially for those of us with children, August is one of those in between months where, as women, we are straddling both the end of summer vacation burnout and the beginning of the school year changes. It’s like we have one foot in and one foot out of summer.

As the unofficial curator of daily activities in the household, family wellness becomes a central focus that we really can’t afford to live without. We want to foster a healthy spirit of living in the moment, enjoying every last drop of summer, but we also need to have our mind on preparing for a new year and keeping all those upcoming priorities straight. This can be a tall order, and one that is both exhausting and stressful.

As we try to juggle it all, it’s also important to remain cognizant of summer safety. Winding down those freeform summer activities doesn’t mean paying less attention or loosening restrictions. Safety is always central to wellness, which you’ll see firsthand in the coming pages. Carelessness often sneaks up on us and can be more detrimental than we’d like to admit.

Some families choose to spend the final month of summer on the road, getting in some coveted, last -minute family time in the form of road trips. While lots of fun can be had on these trips, it does take a lot of energy and thought to help everyone stay comfortable while on the road, out of their element and off any typical routine.

This is another reason why focusing on family wellness is so necessary. What does every individual need to function at their best and how do you package that so that it’s mobile? You want to keep the meltdowns to a minimum so you are able to dial up the fun and family connection.

This is not something that happens by just hoping for the best. You’ve got to prioritize wellness and safety. With long, warm days, there’s no shortage of opportunity for spending time with friends either. And I encourage you to schedule friend time amidst all the other end-ofseason business. The power of friendship is a special thing and needs nurturing whenever possible. Friends give us the strength to weather life’s challenges.

Plus, they give us a reprieve a from the more tedious stuff of life. Think of it like self-care for the soul. Without the vital nutrient of friendship, everything becomes a little bit harder. Finally, as we transition into back-to-school and out of vacation mode, it’s important to stay on top of immunization schedules and prevention. This is just another facet of family wellness. Don’t let things slip just because your schedule is jam-packed, and you don’t have time to keep track of things.

Check out the tips we have for you in this issue. You’ll find some great advice on all of these topics in this month’s issue. Read it by the pool or during the quiet stretches on those end-of-summer road trips. You’re bound to pick up some valuable insights that just might make the transition into fall a little easier on you and your loved ones. But for now, don’t stop enjoying all that summer has to offer. Soak up every last minute.

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